Issacs Residency (classified and approved by the Department of Tourism, Govt of India) a premium three-star hotel in Munnar will surely be a pleasant hideout for any who is looking for a premium accommodation in Munnar. It is situated on a hillock overlooking the picturesque town of Munnar. Issacs Residency also provides a breathtaking view of rolling hills above and its location has the right ambience to rejuvenate your senses.


Twin-bedded room with good amenities; suitable for 2 individuals; beds can be joined into one bed on request.

Luxury rooms with double bed; ideal for family; large rooms with good amenities.

Luxury accommodation and furnishing; additional facilities like 32 inch L.C.D TV, bath tub etc are available; located at a corner of the hotel which offers a fantastic view of the surroundings..

Our suites offer a feel of five-star luxury accommodation; spacious rooms with cosy furniture; a living-cum-dining room and a private bed room, mini bar, tea/coffee maker, multiple rooms with great amenities.